Effective Patrolling and Surveillance

  • Effective patrolling, particularly special attention towards night patrolling

  • Activation of thikri pehra system in the villages

  • Random checking of vehicles during patrolling, particularly on entry and exit points of district

  • Surveillance system in the cattle markets

  • Random checking on river-banks in the riveran belt area

Surveillance & Monitoring of Criminals

  • Strict surveillance of previous record holders/accused involved in cattle theft

  • Detention of rassagirs/convicts (3 months) of cattle theft, record holders of cattle theft

  • Action against rassagir who received bhonga from the cattle lifters

  • Action against previous record holders

Other Suggestions

  • Identification marks

  • Tracking of cattle

  • Proper security measures

Police Department of Bahawalpur is in the process of implementing an effective and multi-pronged anti-cattle rustling strategy. The department has recovered many stolen cattle in recent crackdowns. The key features of recovery are as below:

  • Preventive detention of rassagirs (patrons)
  • Publishing a black book of habitual cattle rustlers
  • Establishing police pickets at all district entry-exit points
  • Monitoring of transportation of cattle within and outside the district from sunset to sunrise
In order to make this strategy a success, police requires an effective participation and feedback from the rural community. Police department of District Bahawalpur understands that internet is not a very effective medium for reaching out to the people in the villages. We do not intend to employ the traditional and cumbersome method of theekri-pehra (volunteer watchmen) to prevent this crime, which causes great inconvenience to the people.