Crime Scene Investigation

In today's modern world, where the suspects have the innovative ways to commit a crime it is recommended that the police must also be familiar with modern technology. Considering which police van of Bahawalpur police is a milestone. Cameras are installed in the van to keep an eye, to control the crowd. The backup of 30 days of any sensitive congress and meetings can be saved, later which can be preserved permanently on a hard disk. The installed cameras work impressively in broad daylight as well as on night vision. Furthermore, investigation, crime scene search and photography has its great significance to trace the defendants. A good police officer catches the culprits and brings them to justice. Some of the modern technologies / methods used to catch the criminals are as follows:

Computerized Sketching

     Bahawalpur police has also taken initiative for forensic art. Forensic art is an art used in law enforcement or legal proceedings. Within this field, skills such as composite drawing, crime scene sketching, image modification and identification, courtroom drawings, demonstrative evidence, postmortem and facial approximation aids. Not every forensic artist uses all of these skills.
The skill of facial approximation is closely associated and related to forensic anthropology; an artist specializes in the reconstruction of the remains of a human body. Generally, this discipline focuses on the human face for identification purposes. The forensic artist can create a facial approximation in a number of ways to include 2D (drawing), 3D (sculpture) and by using new computerized technology method.

Criminal Identification and Sketching System (CISS)

Latest Computer Identity Kit enables us to develop sketches of criminals which makes it easy to identify them. Such information is of valuable assistance in tracking down the wanted persons and comparing from pastpPolice records. This also enables the police in identifying the groups involved in related crimes of other districts. The know-how to develop this technology was passed on to the CPLC by the FBI; after which the CPLC designed and developed the software for making computerized sketches of criminals. The software mainly comprises of eastern features. The software and technology is now being used by Rescue 15 Bahawalpur Punjab Pakistan.

  Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO) Laboratory Van


Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO) is an officer who gathers forensic evidence for the Bahawalpur police. They are also referred by some forces as Forensic Scene Investigators (FSIs), Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs) or Crime Scene Examiners (CSEs). Evidence collected from the crime scene are later passed to the detectives of the Criminal Investigation Department and to the forensic laboratories. Emergency Help Response-15 Police has introduced facilitates to Police Investigation help in emergencies in district Bahawalpur. We use scientific technology by establishing Computerized Crime Scan Units such as Photographer Finger print Bureau. We motivate police and public to utilize modern information technology for the Prevention and detections Crime.

  Crime Scene Investigation Mobile Unit Handed Over to Bahawalpur Police


Government of Punjab and Punjab Police that complements other support initiatives related to crime scene investigation, management and police-prosecution cooperation with a particular focus on Bahawalpur as a model District. Now operational, the mobile crime scene unit will be on call to support criminal investigation activities throughout the district of Bahawalpur 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  
The new unit possesses state of the art kits that cover a multitude of functions, including blood collection, finger printing, impressions, lifting pattern prints, trace evidence collection and analyzing bullet trajectories. In addition, the unit will be utilized to respond to crimes committed in the vicinity of every police station in Bahawalpur District. The unit will professionally enable the CSI teams in photography, evidence collection, fingerprint processing, Criminal Sketching, and evidence analysis at the district level thereby enhancing expert testimony in criminal court proceedings.