Police launch operation against illicit liquor sale.

BAHAWALPUR - Police conducted an intensive operation against those involved in the preparation and sale of illicit liquor on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha. Police have launched a special drive aiming to prevent production and sale of illicit liquor in the city. Intensive raids have been organised across the city. Police arrested several accused and recovered large quantity of liquor and kilns from their possession. 

Bahawalpur DPO claimed that the police had taken strict action against bootleggers and seized a huge quantity of liquor from factories. The precious lives will be saved and social peace will be restored after bringing bootleggers to justice, DPO Muhammad Faisal Kamran said.

DPO has made an appeal to people not to consume the harmful illicit liquor. Further he appealed to the public for information about the preparation of illicit liquor and its sales to be shared with the details of location as to where the illicit liquor is prepared. He said that the information from the public would be kept confidential. DPO appreciated the performance of the officers and directed all police officials for effective policing measures in their respective areas.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021