ASI arrested for taking brib

ASI arrested for taking brib
A team of the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) has arrested a police officer for taking a bribe. A hand-out issued by the ACE on Monday said complainant Javed Hussain, son of Tahir Hussain, a resident of Madina Colony, said in his application to the ACE circle officer that Assistant Sub-Inspector Muhammad Hussain Kanju, at the Bhagtanwala police station, had demanded and pocketed a Rs10,000 bribe in connection with a case. ACE Circle Officer Mohsin Iqbal and Special Magistrate Ehsanul Haq conducted raid at the Bhagtanwala police station and seized the money Hussain had given the ASI. They arrested him.
Constant vigilance
Bahawalpur Regional Police Officer Ehsan Sadiq said on Monday that the department would not tolerate corruption at any level. “Honesty is the only way forward for those who claim to uphold justice.”
He was addressing a Police Darbar organised at the Recreational Hall at the Police Lines. The RPO was joined by Bahawalpur DPO Sarfaraz Ahmad Falki and other senior officers.
Sadiq said if the police claimed to be protectors of people’s lives and properties, they would have to be on the alert at all times and would have to shun corruption. “We all want to live in a prosperous and free Pakistan. For that, we must work hard to end corruption from our midst.” He said the government had deployed victim response officers (VROs) throughout the region to change notions of traditional policing. “I think VROs in our area have improved the image of the police…they are the new face of the police force.”
Sadiq said there was no wrong-doing that could remain hidden anymore. “We live in the modern times and news travels fast.”
Published in The Express Tribune, May 10 th , 2016.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016