VROs to change Thana culture faces hurdles: RPO

The pledge to change conventional Thana culture is hampered by centuries-old decadent and discordant hurdles that are being removed through redesigning the institutional structure and other positive and progressive steps, said the regional police officer.
These steps include: investigation by adopting forensic facilities, establishing front desks in police stations, and revitalising Citizens Police Liaison Committees, said RPO Ehsan Sadiq while addressing a conference titled “Changing Police Culture”: promoting responsiveness and honestyThese initiatives are accelerating the pace of mitigating trust deficit between police and citizens and would also pave the way for institutionalising a new people-friendly policing operational framework.
It would wipe out the centuries-old Thana culture from the society.
The seminar was organised by Bahawalpur Police Liaison Committee.
The RPO said that modern society demands a new policing system which should not impose its authority through coercive and illegitimate measures because driving forces of this new age progressiveness and humanism.
He said that the key to knowledge and supremacy of law unlocked the doors of peace and prosperity for modern world.
He said co-ordinal principles are vital to shape the policing and governess model to fulfil the multi-feasted and multi-dimensional demands.
He hoped that all stakeholders should come forward to play their rule.
Despite massive financial injunction into the policing system, the system faced with the crisis.
“The appointment of 72 victim response officers (VORs) is an outstanding footstep towards changing the traditional Thana culture,” he said.
He said that these 72 VORs by adopting a mutual consultative and community based framework resolution mechanism have considerably checked the culture of litigation which has not only saved precious financial resources but has helped harmonising societal cohesiveness.
He also spoke on the need to modernise the present police force.
The regional police officer paid rich tributes to the outstanding services of Minister of State for Higher Education and Interior Affairs Baligur Rehman on whose recommendations the Punjab chief minister gave approval to establish citizens police liaison committees in all districts of Punjab.


Published in The Nation newspaper on 15-Jun-2016

Saturday, June 18, 2016