Police recover illicit weapons in Bahawalpur.

BAHAWALPUR: Police of several stations of the district arrested 39 suspects and recovered 31 pistols and other weapons from their possession on Thursday.

According to Bahawalpur police spokesperson, following the instructions of the higher police officials, the district police arrested the accused.

He said during the search operation, the police recovered 31 pistols, one pump-action shotgun, two carbines, two rifles and two shotguns and one revolver from the possession of 39 suspects.

OVER 300 EMPLOYEES REGISTERED VIA SMART POLICING: The district police are continuing the registration of people engaged in informal work through smart policing and an online system. According to a Bahawalpur police spokesman, the district police have been utilising modern information technology software programs and devices to register employees and data of different private organisations and institutions.

He said the district police had registered more than 300 employees of private institutions. The spokesman urged the citizens to get their informal workers registered with police who had been working at their houses, shops or industrial units.

11 ARRESTED UNDER PUNJAB SOUND ACT: Police have arrested 11 accused for misusing loud speakers under the Punjab Sound Act on Thursday. A spokesman for Bahawalpur police said according to Punjab Sound Act, no one was allowed to disturb environment and cause disturbance to people by playing music on loud speakers.

He said different police stations including PS Khairpur Tamewali, PS Chani Goth, PS Ahmadpur East, PS Civil Lines and PS Dhor Kot in separate raids arrested 11 persons for violating Punjab Sound Act.


53 GAMBLERS ARRESTED: The district police Thursday arrested 53 gamblers and recovered cash from their possession. According to a Bahawalpur police spokesman, teams of Hasilpur (City), Yazman (City), Dhor Kot, Baghdadul Jadid and Chani Goth police stations arrested 53 gamblers. The police also recovered a huge amount of cash from the suspects’ possession and registered cases against them.

HASHISH RECOVERED: The district police arrested 25 drug smugglers and drug dealers and recovered 21 kg of hashish and other drugs from their possession. According to Bahawalpur police spokesman, teams of different police stations arrested the accused.

“The district police have taken 25 drug peddlers into custody and recovered over 21 kilograms hashish, 267 kilograms cannabis, and 50 grams ice from their possession,” he said.




Friday, January 27, 2023