40 Bahawalpur gangs busted, 5,768 ‘outlaws’ held

BAHAWALPUR - Bahawalpur police in the first 8 months of 2017 arrested 5,768 suspects including 2,546 wanted criminals, and traced 40 gangs and recovered stolen items worth Rs15,249,418, the district policeofficer said.During the period, he added,5,547 cases were registered from which 329 were dismissed as they turned out to be fake, 148 accused involved in murder and 105 involved in attempted murder cases were arrested. In cases of robberyand armed robbery, 601 and 104 suspects were arrested respectively. In cases of recovery, 12 were arrested with recovery of worth Rs2,168,143 stolen items.In the crackdown, police arrested 498 suspects and recovered 10 Kalashnikovs,84 rifles, 20 carbines, 1 hand grenade, 99 guns, 408 revolvers/pistols,and 29,976 bullets from theirpossession. Likewise, 928 suspected drug dealers were arrested and 130.557 kilogram Charas,731 gram heroine, 7.917 kilogram opium, 1,290 kilogram hashish, 96,554 liter liquor and 2,526 liter Lahan were recovered and 132 active liquor brewing furnaces were sealed.In the crackdownagainst gambling dens 687 criminals were arrested while in the crackdown against professional criminals 40 gangs were traced who were involved in casesof armed robbery, breakingand entering andother cases, Police arrested 138 members of these gangs and recovered 1,30,81,275 rupee worth stolen items including motorcycles.He said in the crackdown on wanted criminalsthroughout the district, 306 accused of category A and 2,240 of category B were arrested and challaned to the courts. He said that police wouldcontinue operation against professional criminals and no one would be allowed to take law in their hands.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017