Bahawalpur police put 634 criminals behind bars.

BAHAWALPUR: In a bid to maintain peace, Bahawalpur police arrested 634 criminals, including 266 wanted outlaws, while valuables worth millions of rupees were recovered during the month of August 2017.A police official told The Express Tribunethat 733 cases were registered during August. Of them, 10 cases were dismissed as they turned out to be fake.
He added 24 criminals involved in murder and five in attempted murder cases were nabbed. Besides, 42 casesof robbery and armed robbery were lodged, while 17 criminals involved in street crimes were also apprehended. The official maintained that the police also arrested a notorious criminal and seized items worth Rs250,000 from his possession.In the crackdown against illegal weapons, he pointed out that Bahawalpur police rounded up 60 outlaws and confiscated one Kalashnikov, nine guns, 55 revolvers and 165 bullets from them.Similarly, during a crackdown against drugs mafia, at least 133 drug traffickers were arrested, while 18 kilogrammes of hashish, 0.560 kilogrammes of heroin, 10,662 liters ofliquor and 25 active furnaces were also seized from their possession, he maintained.He said 73 gamblers were also sent behind bars during raids at different hide outs.The official said that the police also launched an operation against professional criminals and managed to bust 13 members involved in heinous crimes. The police also confiscated motorcycles, and other items worth Rs23,47,000 from their custody, he toldThe Express Tribune.
He elaborated that 56 criminals of category A and 210 outlaws of category B were also arrested and their cases were sent to the respectivecourts.Meanwhile, Bahawalpur DPO said that crackdown against professional criminals will continue and no one will be allowed to take law in their hands. He added the police will keep on working with the same spirit to ensure safety of public and their belongings.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 15th, 2017.

Saturday, September 16, 2017