Boy’s throat slit for demanding Rs20 cash prize.

A man allegedly slit the throat of a seventh grade student in Bahawalpur on Thursday, police said.A police official toldThe Express Tribunethat 12-year-old Bilal, a student of seventh grade and resident of Kurh Muhallah, Ahmadpur East, went to a shop in the area owned by Ayaz Ahmad and purchased a packet of biscuits.

He added when Bilal opened the packet, he found Rs20 prize coupon init.“The boy immediately went to Ayaz and demanded him to pay the prize money,” he maintained.“Despite repeated requests, Ayaz refused to give money to Bilal. But as the boy left the shop, the accused grabbed him and slit his throat with a knife,” the police official said.He pointed out soon after the incident, Bilal’s relatives and local people gathered outside Ayaz’s shop and caught him as he tried to flee from the spot. Later, they called the police, who arrested him with the murder weapon.The police shifted the body to a local hospital for legal formalitiesWhile speaking toThe Express Tribune, Khadeeja Mai, who lives near Ayaz’s shop, said she heard Bilal screaming while she was cooking in her kitchen. “I asked my son to look outside. When we went to the spot, wesaw Bilal in a pool of blood.”

Published in The Express Tribune, September 15th, 2017.

Saturday, September 16, 2017