The District Police Bahawalpur is an integral unit of Punjab Police. It consists of following 6 sub-Divisions namely City Bahawalpur, Sadar Bahawalpur, Ahmedpur East, Hasilpur, Kharipur Tamewali, Yazman .Into 24 Police Stations. The head of each Police Station is an Officer of the rank of Inspector, called Station House Officer (SHO). A group of Police Stations constitute a Police Sub-division which is supervised by an officer of the rank of Asstt/ Deputy Superintendent of Police (ASP/DSP).

Ashfaq Ahmad Khan is the head of the District Police. The District Police is operationally augmented by district detachments of other Wings of the Provincial Police, like Elite (Commando Units), Counter-terrorism Department (CTD), Special Branch (The Intelligence Wing), Punjab Highway Patrol (PHP) and Traffic Police. The district detachments of these specialized Wings of the Police are headed by an officer of the rank of SP, who reports to the Provincial Police Headquarter (PHQ). Moreover, these detachments are responsible to head all local operational matters.



It consists of following 6 sub-Divisions:

  • City Bahawalpur
  • Sadar Bahawalpur
  • Ahmedpur East
  • Hasilpur
  • Kharipur Tamewali
  • Yazman