Special Initiative Police Station (SIPS) Baghdad-ul-Jadeed Police Station


Police Station Baghdad-ul-Jadid was built in 1986. Total area of MPS is now 7 canals and 7-1/2 Marlas. Total Population of Police Station is near about 5 Lac. In front of MPS, office of the Bahawalpur Development Authority is situated, on its right side, Govt: Vocational Training Collage and Govt: Dar-ul-Aman, on its left side, Mushtaq Colony while Moza Banga is on back side of MPS. 


One constable is available 24/7 for listening the complaints of coming people. Every citizen got welcome with cold water and a cup of tea, and a guide constable guides them in every aspect. Baghdad-ul-Jadid MPS has a huge parking place for parking vehicles. A number of facilities mentioned below are provided to visitors of MPS:

  • Guide Constable for guidance of people
  • Complaint Boxes
  • Reporting room
  • Qualified Lady Constable and ASI for reception
  • Water Dispenser
  • Furnished waiting room for public
  • Free legal aid cell


Contact Us   
Special Initiative Police Station (SIPS) Baghdad-ul-Jadeed Police Station: 
Phone #: 062-9239028
SHO Cell #:  
Phone #: 062-9250360-1
Fax #: 062-9250369
E-Complaints at: mps.baghdad@yahoo.com