Service Units

Elite Police Force

Bahawalpur is equipped with the Elite forces that are trained to combat all sorts of crime situations. "Elite Force" or "Police Commandos", is a branch of the Punjab Police specializing in Counter-Terrorist operations and VIP security duties, as well as acting against serious crime and performing high-risk operations which can't be carried out by the regular police.

Rescue 15 Bahawalpur(PUCAR-15)

Rescue 15 (PUCAR - 15) is a telephonic aid provided by the Police to facilitate and cater emergencies. All calls are received and responded by 3 Assistants through their Telephones. Data recorded from callers include the caller’s name, time & date of the incident, place of incident, detail of concerned Police station, nature of crime and data is also forwarded to Chief Ministers Complaint Cell. Rescue - 15 (PUCAR -15) is providing services to the citizen:

Processing of Complaints

After a call is received, the team leader can guide assistants by simply providing suggestions and instructions

  • Information of any heinous or cognizable offence is immediately passed on to DPO by the head of rescue 15
  • Team leader also passes the information to wireless control. Wireless control directs police mobile towards crime scene/point of incident
  • Wireless control passes information to nearest patrolling vehicle for dispatching to the point of occurrence for prompt response
  • Police mobile reaches at the crime scene within 3 to 5 minutes in urban areas and 7 to 10 minutes in rural areas
  • After receiving information from wireless control that police mobile has reached to the place of incident, team leader calls the aggrieved or victim through official landline number to verify whether police mobile has reached at the said place or not
  • To initiate legal proceedings against the offender, caller is advised to contact the concerned police station

Anti-Car Lifting Team / Vehicle Verification

This is computer cell. All types of record about the stolen/Robbery vehicles can be verified from this place. Get the Regstration  engine and chassis numbers checked from the computer data bank of stolen vehicles maintained at Police Khidmat Markaz Bahawalpur

Criminal Identification and Sketching System (CISS)

Through latest Computer Identity Kit enables us to develop sketches of criminals so as to easily identify them. This information is of valuable assistance in tracking the wanted persons, or in checking from past Police records. This also enables identifying the groups involved in related crimes of other districts. The know-how to develop this technology was passed on to the CPLC by the FBI; after which the CPLC designed and developed the software for making computerized sketches of criminals. The software mainly comprises of Eastern features. Now we are provide service at Crime Scene Invstigation CSI: Unit Bahawalpur.

NADRA Verisys

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) verisys system is available to verify the issued CNIC. This service is available for investigation, temporary accommodation etc. This system available for public at Police Khidmat Markaz Bahawalpur Building near saraiki chowk Bahawalpur

Complaints of Mobile Theft

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has launched a new automated Lost & Stolen Device System (LSDS) for blocking of lost, stolen and snatched mobile phones. The new System will provide ease and facilitation to the users who want to get mobile phone blocked in case it has been stolen, snatched or lost. Complainants can easily file a request with PTA for blocking the IMEI of such handset to prevent it from potential misuse.

LSDS is an automated system and integrated with PTA’s Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS). The stolen mobile phone will be blocked within 24 hours of reporting after necessary verification.

Users will have to lodge a blocking request with PTA through PTA’s online Complaint Management System (CMS) available at For more information/query, users may contact PTA Consumer Support Center (CSC) toll free number 0800-55055 (9:00 AM to 9:00 PM 7 days a week). The complainant will receive a complaint reference number upon successful registration of blocking request.

It may be mentioned that currently stolen, snatched and lost mobile phones can be blocked or unblocked by calling PTA’s toll free number 0800-25625, sending email to or through CPLC, Karachi. After launch of the new system, these mediums will not be available for blocking or unblocking of phones.



The E-Gadget Monitoring System has been developed in collaboration with the Punjab Information Technology Board and can be downloaded from the Android Playstore and iOS App Store.


Through the E-Gadget app, people associated with the mobile phone business will be able to register themselves easily. Shopkeepers will save IMEI numbers of each mobile phone in the application so that the database of stolen devices can be made available to the police.
Declaring this app a revolution,Its efficient use will reduce mobile theft by up to 60 or 70%. He assured traders that this app will help protect their business. The FIR of mobile phone theft will automatically be updated on the mobile app and police will be alerted immediately. 

 the mobile sale, repair and software installation businesses will save the IMEI number of each phone of the people who come to them on this application. As a result, the database of stolen mobiles will be available to the police and the IMEI number of stolen mobiles cannot be changed at any cost. Therefore, the thieves will not be able to sell the mobile anywhere.


Police Qaumi Razakar

 Police Qaumi Razakars help the police in all police stations as well as the headquarter.

Counter Terrorism Department (CTD)

In 1995, the Criminal Investigation Department was formally created and it operates under the CID Manual, 1937. Starting as a small operational unit, it has now developed into a department having its regional offices all over the Punjab. On 21-07-2010, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was named as Counter Terrorism Department (CTD).

Traffic Police

Mission of Traffic Police Bahawalpur is to ensure safety and provide help to road users in distress. It is our commitment to extend due respect to all road users,  be fair and uphold ethical practices all the times.

To ensure smooth flow of traffic with minimum resources and economical use of manpower / equipments and to gradually shift to the use of modern gadgetry to enforce traffic laws and regulate traffic.


Punjab Highway Patrol

The main aim to make this force is to safe highways and to change the image of police in people which is becoming monster. PHP Posts were constructed on highways of Province of Punjab, these posts got operationalized on May,2005. Well qualified and trained officials have been posted. A free Helpline 1124 was made by PHP.

Special Branch

Special branch Bahawalpur is working to become effective eyes and ears of the Government and thus assist it in policy formulation. Ensuring security of life & property of the people and maintenance of law and order.

Telecommunication Branch

 Telecommunication branch Bahawalpur is also working for fast and secure communication.