Police Service Center

With so many challenges that police faces today, I am extremely proud of our ability to adapt and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing the best possible police services to our citizens.

Bahawalpur Police regards the City’s residents as its highest priority. We are in a continuous process of developing programs, implementing technology and taking on new initiatives to improve service delivery to the Citizens.

At Police Khidmat Markaz Bahawalpur , an ordinary citizen can avail twelve different services related to police under a single roof, without any hustle or red tapism. It has been ensured that every applicant receives a red carpet reception at the center whenever he visits.

Credit of our success belongs to the guidance and direction demonstrated day-after –day by our leadership as well as the hard work being accomplished by the many members of my organization and the staff of Punjab Information Technology Board.

Cap.(R) Mustanar Feroze PSP
District Police Officer

Objectives of Police Service Center Bahawalpur

     Police Khidmat Markaz was established to make Police related services readily available to the general public. It has the following objectives:


  • To provide Police related services under a single roof and in a people friendly environment.
  • 2

  • To develop single software to ensure prompt service delivery.
  • 3

  • To promote and improve the perception about the police within the general public.

    Services Provided/Offered at Police Service Center Bahawalpur.

    At the moment, twelve police related services are being offered to the general public which may be further increased in number in the future to come. The services are as given below

    Verification of Vehicles

    All types of record about the stolen/Robbery vehicles can be verified from Police khidmat Markiz computer cell. One can Vehicle Verify the information such as registration, engine and chassis number from the computer data bank of stolen vehicles maintained at Police Khidmat Markiz Bahawalpur .

  • Missing Mobile Block/Un-Block .

    To help the consumers and law enforcement agencies in the cases of mobile phone theft / snatch PTA, after consultations with all stakeholders / mobile operators, formulated a comprehensive SOP to block snatched / stolen cell phones through IMEI numbers. All mobile companies installed Electronic Identification Register (EIR) facility in their switches for blocking the mobile phones all over the country. IMEI blocking system was successfully launched on 30th Sept., 2006. Whereas, on 23rd Dec., 2006, after consolation PTA And CPLC Karachi launched IMEI system for cell blocking & unblocking at Police khidmat Markaz Bahawalpur.

    For registering complaints of mobile theft /snatch following channels can be used:

    • PTA toll free Number 0800-25625
    • Email: imei@pta.gov.pk This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots
    • CPLC Karachi Nos. 021-35662222, 35683333
    • Fax No. 021-5683336
    • Website: http://www.cplc.org.pk/ OR CPLC-LAHORE
    • CPLC Karachi Email: info@cplc.org.pk This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots
    • If your near by our office so collect info about your missing mobile and complaint at Rescue15 Bahawalpur Cell +92-62-9255167, +92-62-2731414-15
  • If any use mobile want purchase visit at Verification Mobile IMEI

    NADRA Verisys.

    The requirement of identification document for evidentiary purposes is incomplete without proper verification mechanism. Having developed the Multi-Biometric National Identity Card for Pakistan backed up by the large centralized national database in the world, NADRA has introduced an easy- to-use access tool for verification of citizens in the country named as Verisys. To verify the issued CNIC and avoid any fraudulent activities NADRA launched Verisys, which is an authentication process to provide online verifications of Pakistani citizens to the government,

    private and corporate sectors for bringing in transparency, validation, elimination of fraud & forgery. This is a web-based real-time activity displaying the front and rear image of the CNIC with added hidden information for verifications. Using NADRA`s strong network infrastructure, a reliable and efficient mode of connectivity is provided to clients even in the remotest areas of Pakistan.

    Crime Reporting.

    Lost Documents Report.

    Police Character Certificate.

    You can get a character certificate after providing the following documents:  

    • Copy of CNIC
    • Copy of Passport
    • 03 passport size pictures

    To download character certificate form, please click here

    General Police Verification.

    FIR Copy.

    Learner Driving Permit Issuance.

    Learner permits are issued on daily basis with the validity of 6 months. Get a Highway Code Book of traffic rules & regulations when applying for Learner Permit.

    • Age criteria for learner permit Motor Cycle/Motor Car is 18 Years
    • LTV, Rikshaw, Tractor Commercial 21 Years
    • HTV 24 Years

    Necessary documents required for learner permit are as following:

    • Copy of CNIC
    • Ticket of Rs. 60 for each category (issued by General Post Office and Learners Permit Office)
    • Medical certificate (issued by authorized medical practitioner)

    To download learner licence forms, please click here

    Regular Driving Licence .

    Following are the necessary documents required for regular driving license :

    • Copy of CNIC
    • 3 Passport size photographs
    • Medical certificate (issued by authorized medical practitioner)
    • Medical Fitness Certificate (only for the candidates of the age of 50 years or above)
    • Application form (A)
    • Original learner permit (at least 42 days within validity period)
    • Paste relevant ticket on the document 

    Fee schedule for regular driving license

    • Motor Cycle Ticket of Rs.550
    • Motor Car Ticket of Rs.900
    • Motor Cycle/ Motor Car Ticket of Rs.950
    • LTV Ticket of Rs.900
    • Motor Cycle/ LTV Ticket of Rs.950
    • Tractor Agriculture Ticket of Rs.300
    • Tractor Commercial Ticket of Rs.600
    • LTV + PSV Ticket of Rs.950
    • HTV Ticket of Rs.1200
    • HTV + PSV Ticket of Rs.1200
    • Motor Cycle Rickshaw Ticket of Rs.600Motor Cycle + Motor Cycle Rickshaw Ticket of Rs.650

    Note: Test will be conducted for regular driving license as per Standing Operating Procedure (SOP)

    To download regular licence forms, please click here

    Endorsment (Renewal)Driving Lssuance.

    Following are the necessary documents required for the endorsement of license :

    • Endorsement Form (Form-D)
    • Copy of CNIC
    • 2 Passport size photographs
    • Medical certificate (issued by authorized medical practitioner)
    • Medical Fitness Certificate (only for the candidates of the age of 50 years or above)
    • Original learner permit (at least 42 days within validity period)
    • Previous license
    • Relevant ticket(s)
    • Fee schedule for endorsement of license
    • Ticket of Rs
    • Motor Cycle = 550/-
    • Motor Car = 900/-
    • Motor Cycle/ Motor Car = 950/-
    • LTV = 900/-
    • Motor Cycle/ LTV = 950/-
    • Tractor Agriculture = 300/-
    • Tractor Commercial = 600/-
    • LTV + PSV = 950/-
    • HTV = 1200/-
    • HTV + PSV = 1200/-

    To Endorsement Licence Forms, please click here

    International Driving Permit Issuance.

    Tenants Registration.

    • SOP temporary accomodation form
    • Verified copy of CNIC
    • Copy of written agreement attested(If Have Any)

    To download SOP temporary accommodation form, please click here

    Employee Registration.

    Crime Reporting.

    Legal Aid in Violence against Women in collaboration with Violence against Women Center (VAWC).