Community Policing

The District Bahawalpur Police believes in smart and efficient policing for the smooth functioning of a society. In order to turn our dream of facilitating the public into a reality, we have taken the following measures:

Citizen Police Liaison Committee

Citizen Police Liaison Committee aims to establish a peaceful and crime free society, to eliminate the gaps between police & public and to upgrade and modernize the police services. It is a non-political statutory body representing all segments of the society. It is working under section 168, Police Order 2002 also coordinating with the district police in efficient community policing. As a crime free society is not possible without the help and cooperation of public, we highly appreciate the public efforts towards a peaceful community. The committee consists of 35 eminent citizens from all walks of life serving as a think-tank for the community of Bahawalpur. 

Community policing is an innovative way to control crime and social evils by active partnership between the police and the community. Bahawalpur police, as per the directions of IGP Punjab has started a comprehensive program of community policing.

Ongoing Programs of Community Policing

In order to fulfill the purpose of Police-Public Cooperation following Committees are working:

  •  Anjuman-e-Tajran Police Co-ordination Committee
  •  Religion Leaders - Police Co-ordination Committee (Aman Committee)
  •  Universities - Police Co-ordination Committee

 Public Complaint Cell

  • The complaint cell exists in the range & district headquarters, hundreds of people benefit from these cells of RPO & DPO office.

Drug Addicts Rehabilitation Center

  • The drug addicts rehabilitation center is working in police lines hospital for the betterment of drug addicts. It is committed to bring the drug addicts back to life.

Seminars and Walks

Different seminars are being arranged to create awareness and educate the general public. Recently, traffic police organized a seminar on "Aakhir Hamain Road Per Jaldi Kyun Hai" (Why we are at hurry only on roads) where a large number of people participated.

Sport Competitions

With collaboration of the district sport officer, matches between the police teams and the local teams are being frequently arranged and shown on the local cable network.

School Visits

Police officers visit different schools and colleges to deliver lectures regarding traffic education, rights and responsibilities of the public. Visits of children from different schools are also arrange to police stations/ lines.

Police Officials Training

"Public Dealing" is taught at police lines school to police officials as a regular course thrice a year.

Public Traffic Police Cooperation

Over the time, traffic police had organized different campaigns such as Salam (SALUTE) to Public and Flowers to Public. Baghdad-ul-Jaddid has been made Model Police Station. Reporting room / Moharar's room has been renovated now every citizen will be offered with a chair and cold water and a complaint box has also been placed. FIR registration form will be made available on desk in future.