Police Driving Training School.

Another excellent step taken by Regional Police Officer, Bahawalpur, is the establishment of Police Driving Schools in various districts of the reagion. In these Syed Ahmed Mobin (Shaheed ) Driving Schools Bahawalpur , students are educated on the rules and regulation of Driving. To facilitate the poeple, evening and afternoon classes are available. The participants of Police Driving Schools who successfully complete the training sessions and pass the examination, are issued pass certificates which help them during driving tests for driving licence.

Main Features

  • Audio/Vedio based Training
  • Training on Multimedia
  • Practical Training
  • Traffic Education
  • Awareness about Road Discipline and Safety

Syed Ahmed Mobin (Shaheed )Driving Training Schools Bahawalpur

Police Driving Training School has been admitted to Bahawalpur. According to official sources, work of Bahawalpur Police is a key step. DIG Syed Ahmad Mubin Shaheed Police Training School, Bahawalpur. Training the training and expertise of experienced instructor Candidate credentials will be issued on the training course completion

  • Motorcycles, Car, Jeep
  • Training Schedule 2 Weeks Fee 4,000 rupees
  • LTV
  • Training schedule 6 week fee fee 6000 rupees Weekly and Sunday special classes begin on Weekend for businessmen and government employees, class time 4 weeks Women attend special classes at evening where women can class class with their family members. The course would include practical training for driving, road safety lectures, lectures on traffic laws and training for vehicle maintenance. Separate classes for males and females would be held during morning and evening sessions for convenience of trainees.

After Syed Ahmed Mubeen (Shaheed) Driving Training Schools Bahawalpur, seeing the enthusiasm of the public, driving training schools are continuing their services in all circles for their convenience.
Nawaz Baga Shaheed Police Driving School Hasilpur was established keeping in mind the public's facilities. , DSP Naveed Ikram Shaheed Driving School, Khair Portamiwali, SI Hashmat Ali Shaheed Police Driving School, Yazman, DSP Kausar Abbas Gilani Shaheed Police Driving School, Ahmedpur Sharqia have been established, where morning and evening two shifts have been established. Apart from motorcycle/motorcar, students are being given excellent training in LTV.
In this regard, achievement certificates were given by organizing a ceremony to the students who completed the two-week training of Motorcar/Jeep second/third badge. 

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